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Advance is a true digital banking platform that specializes in offering bespoke personal advisory services to our customers. Such services include financial and investment advice, budgeting tips and loans.

Advance’s mission is to simplify banking services and ensure our customers enjoy a seamless banking experience. To achieve this thoroughly, we work with other fintech companies to offer you a fast, secure and customized transactional experience.

Advance offers you direct access to a variety of financial services like budgeting tools, specific savings tools, 360° view of all your income, bill payments, and real time insight into your finances.

We are also focused on reaching the millennial entrepreneurs and owners of Micro Small and Medium enterprises - as we are aware of the need for a financial institution that is more in tune with their concerns.

On the mobile platform, we provide tools for budgeting, specific savings, a one-stop shop for all your bank accounts, high level reports on your finances, loan acquisition, and superb customer service.

The protection and security of your personal data is of paramount importance to us. We use advanced data encryption and storing technologies, which ensure your personal information and transactions are sent and stored securely. Our privacy policy provides more information on what data we collect and how it gets used.

Advance is available on the Apple store and Google Play store.

If you have an iOS device, iOS 8.0 or a more recent version is required to download the app. For your Android device, the requirement is 4.1 or a more recent version.

Advance gives you the opportunity to monitor all your income streams – helping you plan a holistic monthly budgets. Advance offers regular insights and reports on your finances.

Spending from your wallet is very easy. Within the app, transactions can be made via funds transfer & bills payment. For cash transactions, you can withdraw money from your wallet using your Advance Card.

There are two ways to fund your wallet:

The Advance Business Wallet is like your regular corporate account, but better. With your Business wallet, you can track your finances, set budgets, and schedule payments (e.g. employee salary, company utility bills, tax remission, to mention a few).

Other corporate accounts can be linked to your business wallet. The good thing is that you can have more than one business wallet on your app, for those who own more than one business.

Yes, there is a user guide for the app. Tap on the help button in the app.

So, you no longer have to worry about phone memory and having to decide what banking app to install on your device. So, you will no longer have to worry about phone memory and have to pick and choose what banking app to install on your device.

You can make transfers, pay bills (from existing accounts) and literally do everything you do on the bank’s app, on Advance.

Yes, you can. Using your Advance card, you can withdraw money from available ATMs.

Advance offers two options of acquiring a loan on the app

Eligibility for this category of loans is determined by our very sophisticated system which computes a credit score based on your financial behavior tracked on the app (that is, your saving and spending habits).

The higher your credit score, the higher your borrowing limit.

Don’t fret, Advance is with you on this walk to the top, delivering advice on how to attain a higher credit score.

We will be delighted to listen to your challenges and resolve them promptly. Tap on the help button on the app to view various ways to reach us. We offer a 24-hour customer service, always ready to help you.